Tall Winged Deities
  • Tall Winged Deities

    SKU: TN

    This fetching Winged Deities design is made up of fifteen individual pieces 

    The dimensions are 151cm High x 93cm Wide

    • Product Information

      We are happy to bespoke any of our designs to any of the four available colours, so if you don't see the design you want in the colour you like contact us directly with your preference

      Whilst we have a small stock of items there is a four week production process for any items not in stock or bespoke pieces

      All of our pieces are supplied with a L shaped steal support batton

      This piece is frost and water resistant

      The delivery cost is not included in the above price, please contact us directly for a delivery quote

      This product is heavy

    • Return & Refund Policy

      Please contact us directly with any return or refund issues

    Colours Available